Imagine never having the ability to read your favorite Bible verse in your language. Imagine not having access to the Bible at all. Right now, that’s the reality for 220 million people in over 2,000 people groups across the globe. Your prayers and the prayers of your church can help put an end to this spiritual injustice.

While there are translators working hard to translate the Bible into their native tongue, this process can take years and require multiple translators. Often, these translators are living in challenging circumstances. They need our prayers to finish the task.

The goal of the Pray For Zero movement is to see Bible translation projects initiated for all remaining language groups within the next decade.  This is a campaign devoted to uniting hearts, igniting prayers, empowering communities and transforming lives one translation at a time. 

Prayer makes an impact! Here are some of the recent impact we saw as a result of efforts around the world:

You and your church can join the Pray For Zero is a prayer network, and play your part by praying for:

Visit the Pray for Zero website to learn more about the Pray For Zero movement and to access over 20 resources in 8 languages – including innovative discipleship courses for you and your church! https://prayforzero.com/resources/

It makes perfect sense that the weapon that is the word of God is something the enemy doesn’t want churches in every language to have access to.  If we want to see the defeat of the enemy of humanity, then there is no more effective way than seeing scripture translated into every language.” 

Jason Mandryck, Operation World

Contribute to Finishing the Task

Help bring the transformational hope of Jesus to the places that need it most.