The “Breakthough Prayer” goals of Finishing the Task recognize that without intentionality and unity in prayer, we cannot fulfill the Great Commission and reach the world. One of our key focal points of prayer is coming up with 10 Days of Prayer for Revival in honor of Pentecost, beginning on May 10th and culminating on May 19th with a special focus on Israel.

Together we will intercede for Isaiah 19 cities and particularly for the nation of Israel. You and your church can join in the virtual 10-day prayer room from anywhere in the world here with code 2217.

You can also access adult and children 10-day prayer guides in 10 languages made available by 110 Cities here.

The climax of this prayer journey coincides with the 3rd Global Day of Prayer for Israel, observed on May 18th-19th. On Pentecost Sunday, believers worldwide are invited to dedicate an hour to fervent prayer for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and revival, for all Israel to be saved, for the peace of Jerusalem, and for the gospel to go forth from Israel to the ends of the earth! Whether praying from the comfort of home, a local church, or a house of prayer, everyone is encouraged to participate.

But this isn’t just about general petitions; it’s about specific intercession. During these 10 days leading up to Pentecost Sunday, the focus extends to revival in three crucial directions: personal, church, and citywide. The aspiration is for a spiritual awakening, where hearts are stirred anew by the message of Christ’s love and redemption. Furthermore, the initiative casts our vision toward the Middle East, targeting ten unreached cities outlined in Isaiah 19 for revival. 

In a world often characterized by division and strife, the power of unified prayer cannot be overstated. It’s a potent reminder of our interconnectedness and shared humanity, transcending borders and cultural barriers.

So, as we approach these 10 days of prayer, let’s unite in spirit, lifting our voices in faith and expectation. Together, let’s believe for revival, not only in distant lands but in our own hearts, churches, and communities. And as we intercede for Israel, may our prayers echo the cry for peace, salvation, and the spread of the gospel to the ends of the earth.

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Let’s pray together, believing that as we seek God’s face, He will hear from heaven and heal our land (2 Chronicles 7:14).

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