Director of Research & Evaluation

Job Title: Director of Research & Evaluation

Description: We are seeking a Director of Research & Evaluation to lead our efforts in researching and evaluating the effectiveness of the Great Commission initiatives. This role requires a deep understanding of research methodologies and the ability to analyze complex data and communicate findings effectively to stakeholders. The Director of Research & Evaluation will work closely with research organizations to conduct rigorous evaluations of our FTT  initiatives and identify areas for improvement.


Lead efforts to research and evaluate the effectiveness of our Great Commission initiatives.
Conduct a comprehensive review of existing research on FTT initiatives
Evaluate the effectiveness of existing initiatives, analyzing the impact on various stakeholders, including our organization, and external organizations.
Identify best practices and areas for improvement, recommending changes to enable better outcomes and achieve our FTT objectives.
Partner with research organizations to provide additional data and analysis to support the evaluation and recommendations.
Communicate findings and recommendations to stakeholders, including our organization, customers, and society at large, clearly articulating the rationale for recommendations and addressing potential concerns or criticisms of the assessment.
Collaborate with internal teams to ensure that recommendations are aligned with FTT objectives and goals.
Stay up-to-date with the latest developments in research methodologies and related areas of study.


Master’s degree or Ph.D. in a relevant field such as business, economics, or social sciences.
At least 10 years of experience in research and evaluation, with a proven track record of conducting rigorous evaluations and providing recommendations for improvement.
Strong analytical skills, with the ability to analyze complex data and communicate findings effectively.
Knowledge of research methodologies and their application to evaluate the effectiveness of initiatives.
Excellent communication skills, with the ability to communicate complex ideas to a non-technical audience.
Ability to work independently and collaboratively, with strong project management skills.
Strong attention to detail and ability to manage multiple priorities.
Experience working with research organizations is a plus.

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