We'll gather together across the globe on April 5th to pray for the Muslim world during One Miracle Night.

The next of our four Global Days of Prayer – a foundational piece of our Breakthrough Prayer goals for the year – is coming up quickly! For this emphasis, we will be praying for the Muslim World on April 5th. We call it One Miracle Night.

During this time, people can pray from their homes, host a prayer time in their churches, prayer rooms, or join us online as the Lord leads as we cry out for Muslims around the world to have an encounter with the Lord Jesus on their night of power, culminating the Ramadan season. 

Head to https://www.110cities.com/one-miracle-night/ to get more information and prayer resources, including adult and child prayer guides that share key cities to pray for at specific times. You and your church can also register for online prayers!

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