Your Prayer Could Change a Life in the Buddhist World This February

Brothers and sisters in Christ,

Imagine the impact of thousands of voices, united in purpose, rising as one for a specific cause. This February, that opportunity presents itself through a 24-hour prayer movement focused on the Buddhist world, beginning Saturday, February 10th (Friday, February 9th at 9:00 a.m., PST).

This strategic initiative coincides with Chinese New Year, a time of reflection and family gatherings for millions across Asia. As they celebrate, we have a unique opportunity to intercede, praying for hearts to become receptive to the message of hope and peace found only in Jesus Christ.

Our focus is twofold:

Gospel Movements: We long to see thriving Christian communities emerge, offering transformation and the liberating message of Christ.

Spiritual Awakening: We pray for scales to fall from eyes, allowing individuals to encounter the love and truth of Jesus freely.

Joining the movement is simple:

Commit to prayer: Set aside time on February 9th to participate in the global prayer effort. Every moment of prayer contributes to the collective impact.

Spread the word: Share this opportunity with your church, family, and friends. The wider the reach, the stronger the impact.

Pray with intention: Download the prayer guide from 110 Cities ( and choose specific cities or regions to focus on.

Believe for breakthrough: With expectant hearts, we trust that God hears and answers our united prayers. He is the God of the impossible, and He longs to see His light shine across the nations.

Prayer Emphasis

  • Pray for Jesus Christ to be exalted in a specific city. Pray for his name be revealed, received, and revered amongst every people, tribe and tongue in this city. Psalm 110, Hab 2:14
  • Pray for God’s Kingdom to come and his will to be done in this city! Matt. 6:9-10
  • Pray to the Lord of the Harvest to send forth laborers to proclaim the gospel of the kingdom with demonstrations of power and love! Pray for a Christ-exalting house church to be planted for every 1000 people in this city! Luke 10:2, Matthew 16:18, Acts 4:29-31
  • Pray for the Bible to be translated into the heart language of every people group in this city. 2 Thess 3:1
  • Pray for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon all flesh in this city! Pray for the Holy Spirit to convict of sin and show them their need of a Savior, found only in Jesus Christ. Pray for God the Father to draw all men to Christ through the power of the cross. Pray for God’s kindness to lead all to repentance. Act 2:17, John 16
  • Pray for God to bind and restrain the powers of darkness over this city and loose the power, truth and love of the Holy Spirit upon the peoples of this city! 2 Cor. 4:4-6, Mathew 18:18-19

Pray With Intention

As we join in prayer for the Buddhist world, we are especially focusing on key cities like Bangkok, Beijing, Tokyo, and many more. You can pray for the specific needs of focus cities.  A description of the unique needs of each one has been provided for you.

Find a complete listing of these Asian cities here.

This February, let’s join hands and hearts, becoming a united force for change. Through focused prayer, we can become agents of hope, offering the transformative light of Christ to the Buddhist world.

Join us, friends, and be part of something extraordinary. Let’s make this a February to remember – a month where prayer ignites hope and changes lives.  You can also help us increase our prayer network by sharing your prayer requests and experiences on social media.  You can include a link to the 110 Cities website (

Let’s build community and celebrate God’s faithfulness together!

Visit the 110 Cities site to learn more and sign up:

Contribute to Finishing the Task

Help bring the transformational hope of Jesus to the places that need it most.