Imagine the impact if every Jesus follower – every man, woman and child around the globe – came together on the same day to pray and hear from God.

And how might the world be changed if all 2.5 billion followers joined together to pray for the 5.5 billion people who don’t know Jesus? 

We know that our hurting world needs the hope of Jesus, and each of us was assigned to reach out in love. In fact, in some of Jesus’s last words on Earth, he commissioned his followers to reach the entire world – that’s the task we’re called to finish! For the first time in history, technology has connected the Global Church in ways that were never possible before, bringing us together focused on one vision and mission – The Great Commission.

Towards that goal, on March 1, 2025 there will be a historic gathering of the entire global Church called Gather25. For 25 hours, Gather25 will host live events all around the world in every nation, denomination, and generation – in person and live-streamed. 

The global Church will come together for a time of worship, prayer, repentance, and commissioning as we rally – at the same time – like never before for the Great Commission. Each continent will host a portion of the 25-hour gathering including powerful worship, dynamic teaching, sharing stories of God’s movement across the globe, and a worldwide “sending out” of the workers to the harvest.

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