It has been a remarkable season of praying “Breakthrough Prayers” for the fulfillment of the Great Commission, praise the Lord!  

Brian Alarid, President & CEO of America Prays & World Prays and the Chairman of Pray for All, has an amazing testimony of the power of prayer. Check out this video documenting the impact when World Prays was launched in Argentina. 

We also saw incredible impact from the 10 days of prayer May 9-19th – our 3rd Finishing the Task Global Day of Prayer. Here is our report:

We are truly living in remarkable times. 

On the first day of Pentecost, 120 disciples prayed in unity for 10 Days. The Holy Spirit was poured out and 3,000 Jews were saved in a day. As Pastor Rick Warren says, “The church at it’s birth is the church at it’s best!”  The seed of that first prayer meeting has now spread around the globe.  Today, God’s people around the world are uniting in prayer and seeing a great harvest emerge before our eyes. Here are some of the reported outcomes – we also know that God worked in so many ways we are unaware of!


    • At least three different, large church movements in the Middle East, India, Southeast Asia, and China went all-in on the 10 Days Pentecost. The leaders of these movements are reporting that there were tens of millions participating from over 150 nations.

    • One of our 10 Days mobilizers in a middle eastern nation has reported 270 separate 10 Days of Prayer gatherings, coupled with outreaches to their Muslim neighbors. This is an incredible increase from the 70 gatherings in that same nation last fall.

    • 2BC (2 Billion Children) facilitated an online 10 Days (10 days of full around the clock prayer) with people from many nations praying with the children. It was a powerful expression of Intergenerational Prayer! Another movement this Spring of intergenerational prayer was 100 days of prayer led by Amazing Grace with the Global ministry of CHOPS (Children Houses of Prayer).

    • Over 200 Houses of Prayer committed to pray for the full 10 days around the clock with a common prayer guide Pentecost 10 Days Prayer Guide and praying for specific missions work among 10 key cities on the Isaiah 19 highway from Cairo to Jerusalem!

    • To culminate, the Global Day of Prayer for the Jewish World on Pentecost Sunday May 19th engaged 100 million in praying for the salvation of unbelieving Jews. The online expression featured anointed prayer ministries from the land of Israel leading in prayer for the Jewish people worldwide to know their Messiah. We encouraged everyone of the 100 million to also pray for 5 people by name in their circle of influence using the Pray for All strategy

    • India reported 100 cities that had hundreds gathered (some over 5,000) on Pentecost Sunday.

    • We launched the weekend with several thousand at the Revival Church in Bogota, Columbia. Key prayer leaders came from the 16 Latin America Nations (CLAMOR IPC Regional Prayer Council) to pray together!  Click here to watch the program. 


As I share this, I want to emphasize how this is God’s work and not our human effort. This has come about because God is stirring others around the globe to enter into times of extraordinary prayer for Great Commission efforts to see a Bible, a Believer and a Body of Christ among everyone, everywhere!  That’s really our dream, not to grow an organization or even a movement, but to see the church transformed through seasons of desperate prayer that are just a “normal” part of our calendar, like Christmas and Easter.  

Our next 10 Days of prayer is set for Oct. 2-12th and our next Global Day of Prayer for the Hindu World is Oct. 31st. We hope you and your church will join us as we cry out for the lost together! You can learn more here.


For the Glory of the Lamb,

Jason Hubbard, IPC Director

Jonathan Fritz, 10 Days Director 

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