Dr. Jason Hubbard is Director of International Prayer Connect, and also serves as leader for the “Breakthrough Prayer” “B” goal of the Finishing the Task 2033 B Goals. Here he shares ways that you and your church can plug into some of the amazing prayer movements happening in the Church across the globe in 2024:

We are seeing an amazing convergence of prayer, unity and missions towards the fulfillment of the Great Commission. We know that God releases his power in response to the prayers of his people! As Rick Warren says, “more prayer more power, little prayer little power, no prayer no power.” The potential of our prayers is unlimited because God is unlimited and all-powerful. In John 15:5, Jesus said, “Apart from me, you can do nothing!” Simply put, we cannot accomplish any of the goals in Jesus’ Commission to the Church without Breakthrough Prayer – for all people, at all times, in all places!

We have 3 primary initiatives that people can join focused on the other 3 “B’s” of the Finishing the Task movement:

BelieversPray for All – We want to have every person on planet Earth who doesn’t know Jesus yet prayed for by someone who does know Jesus. This means billions of believers will need to be praying for billions of non-believers. In 2023 over 400 million people were prayed for by name!  Join us in praying and blessing 5 people in your circle of influence this next year – For more info visit Pray for All.

BiblesPray for Zero Bibleless peoples around the world.  We could be the generation to translate God’s Word into every language. Your prayers can help make this happen. Take your first step and sign the Prayer Wall to receive the weekly Pray For Zero Journal at Pray for Zero and become one of thousands praying for Zero Bibleless peoples by 2033!

Bodies of Christ (local churches)Pray 110 – Our vision is to see the 110 most unreached cities in the world reached with the Gospel, praying for thousands of Christ-exalting churches to be planted among them! We believe prayer is key! To this end we are reaching out in faith to cover this outreach with the powerful prayers of 110 million believers – for breakthrough, praying around the throne, around the clock, and around the globe!

Join us on four global days of prayer this year from your home, local church, or prayer room. www.110cities.com

Feb. 10th – Prayer for the Buddhist World  

April 5th – Prayer for the Muslim World

May 19th – Prayer for the Jewish World

Oct. 31st – Prayer for the Hindu Word

We discovered through field-driven research that 90 percent of the remaining unreached peoples in our world today live in or near 110 mega-cities! We want to mobilize to pray on behalf of the unreached peoples of these cities, praying for Christ-exalting churches to be planted, one church planted per thousand people during these 4 global days of prayer!

This last year 2023, over 100 million people prayed together on these four days!  Let’s continue to cry out to the Lord of the Harvest to send forth laborers to plant disciple-making churches in the least reached cities in our world today (Matthew 9:37-38)


For the Supremacy of Christ in all things,

Dr. Jason Hubbard 

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