Join the made for more campaign and transform your church!

Unlock exponential growth for your church with the Made for More campaign, created by Pastor Rick Warren, Founding Pastor of Saddleback Church and author of The Purpose Driven Life.

During Made for More, your church will unite to study foundational Biblical discipleship principles across multiple formats for 50 days. We’ll provide you with sermons, small group material, daily devotions, and more to help you bring new members in, train them up, and send them out!

We did a spiritual growth campaign almost every year during my leadership at Saddleback Church, and nothing has brought more people to Christ, caused us to baptize more people, bring more people to maturity, and mobilized more people for ministry than the focused power of a campaign.

What Will the Made for More Campaign Do for Your Church?

Accelerated Spiritual Growth: Experience unparalleled spiritual growth in your members through the power of concentrated teaching in multiple formats.

Congregational Unity: As members become grow and pray around the same themes, you’ll see a renewed sense of unity.

Small Group Expansion: Boost your small group ministry by drawing members in with engaging content that leads to lasting relationships.

Increased Attendance: Whether you have a small or large congregation, we’ve seen campaigns boost attendance dramatically, at an average of 28%.

Join Thousands of Other Churches

Join a community of hundreds of thousands of churches leaders as we walk you systematically through every step to implement the Made for More campaign in your church. We’re believing God will mobilize your members to take the Good News into your community and beyond for the glory of God.

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