About Finishing the Task

Jesus gave us the task of making disciples of all nations, and we know that eventually there will be people from every tribe, tongue, people and nation around his throne. Yet right now there are still over 7,088 unreached people groups in the world.

Even more astonishing, there are 269 people groups, over 500 in population and still dwelling in their ancestral homeland, who are not only unreached but no one is even trying to reach them. Mission strategists call them "unengaged." After 2,000 years, it should be unthinkable to us as the church of Jesus Christ that there would be any unengaged people groups left in the world.

Finishing the Great Commission can be defined in different ways but what is most important is that we start to finish the task. It will be accomplished primarily through local congregations planting indigenous churches among the people groups they commit to, or “adopt”.

Finishing the Task (FTT) is an association of mission agencies and churches who want to see reproducing churches planted among every people group in the world. In 2006, FTT identified 639 unreached, unengaged people groups with populations above 100,000. Since then, church planting is now reported in over 583 of these original people groups.

Your church can start reaching one or more unengaged people groups today. The FTT mission agencies are here to help your church succeed with proven and effective strategies that are simple and quick to initiate. Begin now by contacting us, and together, let’s get started and finish the task!

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FTT Partners

1,652 denominations, mission organizations and churches are now working together in the Finishing the Task network.

The following organizations are available to mentor your church or organization in their quest to reach Unengaged, Unreached People Groups. Contact any one of them directly or ask us to help you find a suitable partner.